P R O Y E C T O S Casa del Aire_ Part 1

José Ángel Ruiz, Architect

+34 666 47 45 97    esculpirelaire@ctaa.net

1. A material and formal transition

‘Casa del Aire’ transforms the typological model of the mountain housings of Sierra Altea:

- the baseboard of stone on the usual white housing is transformed in a horizontal flagstones skin -ground floor-, opposite to white horizontal surfaces that overfly it and are looking for the horizon of the sea;

- the parallel stone walls that historically define the terrace breaks are transformed in tactile extensions which attune to the territory with its geometry;

- the arrival is rescued of the highlander memory to be reinterpreted and being articulated by means of an haptic ascent that facilitates the discovery, across an architectural experience about a broken linear way, of a half-hidden house;

- the horizontal platforms of the gardens to cultivate, have been transformed in cropped surfaces of textured ceramics for an extension with green slopes inclinations surfaces.

2.  An haptic ascent

 If mountain housing is a closed object opposite the surrounding nature, ‘La Casa del Aire’ is a stage for our experience, orchestrated by a feedback of dialectical relations between the skin of the man who experiences it and the skin of the natural environment that surrounds him: textures, tones, shadows and twilights, peripheral visions, etc. When is penetrated the entry threshold, the inner-outer space is heightened in every tact of vision: wide glass surfaces mark the skin of the visual extension; ceramics floors are folded in ascent, etc.


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