P R O Y E C T O S A second and inner skin of light for movement / part 1

José Ángel Ruiz, Architect  +34 666 47 45 97   esculpirelaire@ctaa.net

1.  A sustainable and saving work

The new skin uprises from the initial thought to adjust the surrounding space into a reduced budget. So, it is got a sustainable and saving design which is able to materialize the inner envelope of the new space: using 292 pine wood strips with standard dimensions 90x45x3.000mm (292 strips x4,10 euros/strip = 1.200 euros). In that way, the height of the space just get the 3 meters. The wood strips have been painted by hand and using white color –this is the way to claim we have built the frame of the new skin that receives the cross position of children costume. So, we obtain the material vision of it, its border line. The new design for the children’s clothing shop proposes a second skin for tactile perception, no continuous and curved for movement, inside a preexistent statics skin, orthogonal and continuous.

2.  A perceptual investigation

This design is placed into a visual and tactile investigation of rhythm in the architectural space. It speaks about drawing your own way through the skin… It shows us two above ellipses which trace the form of the induced movement, it whispers the space gradients for showing us the time placed into each slot -the equals widths between vertical strips are deformed at distance through turns and folds-, where the peripheral lightning developes the link between the new envelope and the preexistent one. So, it is able to perceive that the children’s clothing get into the both skins.   

Foto principal
Logo con barras de colores