P R O Y E C T O S El Jardín de las Siluetas / The Garden of the Silhouettes

José Ángel Ruiz, Architect  +34 666 47 45 97   esculpirelaire@ctaa.net

Ramiro and Amor, Nuestra Escuela’s Directors, offered us their thoughts: “(...) we would like to get a new playground, a polyvalent space, with colors and nature, easy to clean and cheap.” Besides all this, we were forced to include a determinant factor in the learning during the childhood: the tactile perception. As Henri Bergson wrote, "(…) the objects that surround my body reflect their possible actions on them."

The Garden of the Silhouettes, a space for children under three years old means, unavoidably,

-to operate in front of three gradual levels: the scale of a child, the scale of Man and the scale of the envelope;

-do not delimit the tactile space by walls but also by a continuous skin which had been shaped by producing concave and convex surfaces;

-to develop a tactile rhythm by perceptual sequences, inside which the vertical line leaves its traces;

-to use small, vertical ceramic pieces in 10x20cm. format –near the scale of children- with colours on matte surface, allows to verticalize the soft contours of its skin;

-to materialize by using an under horizontal, rough EPDM floor which protects us, by preventing from accidental falls of children;

-‘folding the floor’ in order to define the heigth of a child, with his small scale, make possible we could perceive as space is able to hold us in its hands’.

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